Do we store your bank details?
No we don’t. The wristband links to your card- no bank details are stored.
If I have lost my wristband, what can I do?
We can instantly disable the one youve lost and give you a new one.
Can I use my wristband on different nights?
Yes, you are able to use your wristband on different nights.
Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?
Yes. Names on tickets are not a required part for entry to the festival.
Can I purchase tickets at the gate?
Yes, but this will be based on availability.
Can I link multiple wrist bands to one card?
Yes, you can link multiple wrist bands to one card.
Can I take in my own food and drink to HBMF?
No, you cannot take in any food or drink. There are a large variety of food and drink facilities within the festival.
Can I bring a water bottle into HBMF?
Yes, Attendees can bring their own reusable water bottles into the festival. These must be no larger than 500ml and must not be metal.
Are there any Non Alcoholic Options?
Yes, Beer / Cider and Prosecco.
Is there gluten free beer?
Yes, several please ask at the bar.
Where can I collect any lost property on the night and after the event?
We recommend you glue your sunglasses to your head, DONT bring your car key. Leave your house keys under a pot plant and tie your ID / Bank card around something you can’t lose. Failing all the above - go to the entrance tent on the night or email : post event.
Can I bring suncream into HBMF?
Yes, Sun cream or lotion sized at 200ml or less in original containers, vape liquid, and eye drops in standard plastic 10ml containers will be allowed but contents may be tested on arrival.
I have an enquiry regarding my tickets, who do I speak to?
You need to contact, please see the ticketing section of the website for a list of ticket agencies and their websites.
Can I come to HBMF if I am under 18?
No, unfortunately all attendees have to be 18 or over to attend HBMF
Can I smoke at HBMF?
The same regulations apply at HBMF as the rest of the country, you can smoke in the open air but not inside big tops and tents, look out for the ‘no smoking’ signs.
When can I arrive/leave by?
HBMF gates open from 17:00 on Thursday 6th, 16:00 on Friday 7th and 12:00 Noon Saturday 8th On all days the event finishes at 23:00.
If I leave HBMF can I get back in?
Yes, but make sure you get your hand stamped before you leave.
What time is last entry to HBMF?
There is no last entry but we do close at 23:00
Can I buy official HBMF Merchandise?
Yes, we will be selling a range of merchandise at the festival.
Are dogs allowed into the event?
No pets are allowed within the event site. Assistance Dogs, however, will be permitted.
Is there a noise complaint number?
We strive diligently to maintain the noise at a tolerable level, however, if you feel the need to lodge a complaint, please do not hesitate to reach out by phone on 07300470838